It’s easy to claim that an agent or the Real Estate brokerage that a real estate agent works for has “The Best Tools” available to their clients. It is also pretty easy to become an “expert” these days…..

With the availability and affordability of Social Media it certainly is pretty easy to claim to be an expert in the real estate industry. There are relatively low expenses in making a post on Facebook or Instagram or even Snapchat. Plus, nobody is monitoring these posts for authenticity or accuracy. The author places a post and it becomes acceptable and probable since it was printed. Even if there is no certification attached to that claim.

Becoming an expert in any field takes time and repetition. Years of practice go into becoming an expert in ANY industry. Even yours, the reader. Whatever industry you are involved in, chances are that it took you years to become proficient in it. Expert status is something that happens naturally from experiences learned while becoming that very expert. It takes time and a bunch of hard work. It is not something that a national brokerage or even social media can give to anyone. It has to be earned. The hard way through experiences.

Additionally there is a reason they call Real Estate a practice. Things are constantly changing in our Market. We need to change through constant learning and trial and error. We need to always be willing to grow and learn the greatest technology. Something I have done throughout my career. 

The crazy fact about the claim from any agent that works for a brokerage that “has the best tools” available, is that those same tools are available to all of us in our industry. Even the small real estate brokerages like mine.

Any tools that are not available to me and only to these agents are for the agent’s benefit. Not the seller or buyer client. The tools that those agents have are mostly for lead generation for that brokerage and agent and do not directly benefit you, the buyer or seller client. 

I recently went on a listing appointment for a seller client who stated that they were “blown away with all the marketing that this agent does” who recently left the home just before me. This agent works for a national brokerage in the area. I responded with a “Yeah? I would love to see what my competition is doing but I will promise you that I can and will do more!”

The seller then showed me the “tools” and I explained to him that everything that national brokerage does is the same that I do but here is what you also get additionally with me. I then showed him the Aerial videography and how I create and sponsor video ads featuring their home on social media. I also showed him how my aerial photos can show the back yard better on the MLS and third party sites. I told them how the BIG THREE third party sites work like zillow, trulia and and how we also feed our listings to them. I also showed them some of my secret websites where I place ads that nobody else is doing.

Bottom line is that these larger real estate companies have larger marketing budgets. The claims are not false but I just can’t see how their claims actually benefit the client or consumer. This is coming from an agent who has been at Re/Max, Exit Realty and Century 21 which are nationally known companies. If I thought there actually was a benefit to the client that I could offer, I would be there in a hot second. 

I do not mean to disrespect these companies or their agents. I have many friends who own National Companies and or work for them but I just think my client marketing is leaps and bounds above what many offer. I invite you to see for your self by contacting me today about your upcoming move.  Additionally be weary of agents claiming that they are experts. Do you due diligence on who you hire. Are the advertised tools benefiting you in any way?


Agents and brokers: Email me and let me know if this is accurate! What advantages or tools does your nationally known brokerage give to you that is for the benefit of the seller over what a small agency can give to a seller? If I am wrong, I will gladly take this down. Prove me wrong.