Many larger employers use a relocation company when an employee transfers or gets relocated from one part of the Nation to another. Most of the time a relocation company has pre-registered agents throughout the county that they will refer an employee to.

But did you know that you Do not have to use that agent? It’s true. What that means is that if you already have an agent in mind that you would like to use, you can let your relocation director know at that time. Why would you want to do that? So You can control your transaction and move. You get to decide what is best for you. You can perform research on the agent first and be comfortable with them before you ever sign anything with your company or the relocation company. 

I have been selling houses in the Greater Grand Rapids area for 15 years now and can tell you that I have heard my fair share of “I did not know I could use any agent” when a new transferred employee moves to or from the area.

When you are moving to the area do you want to have an agent that has lived in the area for all his life? How about having an agent that is highly advanced in technology? How about having an agent who has a bunch of experience? Or do you want to trust a company who recommends an agent who is “already signed up” ( and has basically paid a ton of money to be a “partner” ) with the relocation company?

If you seek an agent who has lived in Grand Rapids all his life and knows it well, contact me soon so we can discuss your move to or from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I love my town and it’s different areas.