I am totally understanding that not every time it will work out this way but here is my wish of how each homebuyer starts out.

1) Talk to me so we can discuss how you can get approved for a loan. We need to talk to a lender first about getting financing for your purchase. If you talk to me first I can recommend a lender that may have special programs for your particular situation. Why? A multitude of reasons. Here are a few: You might not know what you can afford. Maybe its more than what you thought. Maybe its less. Know that. Maybe you have an issue on your credit report. Knowing that will help you have a smoother transaction. Maybe there is a loan out there that your national banking company may not be able to offer you. I work with great lenders and am always looking for more lenders that can help better my clients buying power. Let’s get that pre-approval FIRST! If you have a trusted lender that you want to work with that is fine but you might want to discuss your situation to me or another lender at the same time.

2) Meet with me to discuss the options of your loan. I know. you want to get out of your current living situation NOW. But have patience! Sitting down with me upfront makes for a much smoother transaction in the long run. PLUS ITS FREE! We will talk about the process of purchasing. We will talk about different taxing areas. We will discuss how much your bank has approved you for and how much that means each month for your monthly budget. What the bank has approved you for may not be what you want to afford each month. We will discuss inspections and the ins and outs of different inspections. We will chat about closing costs and how to structure your offer. So many times I find that some lenders will not take the time to discuss these items. We will also make sure our relationship is a positive one. That we are a good fit! I want you to be comfortable with me as we travel down this road together. So many buyers have thanked me for this part. Plus we can meet at a brewery, coffee shop or a pizza joint. We also can meet at my office if that is better for you.

3) Get a custom search designed for you so that only the homes that you can afford in your price range are sent to you through Email.

4) Lets go shopping.