I think usually in a Seller’s market there is a lack of emphasis on the art of negotiation. All too much the focus is on marketing and exposure for the seller. While exposure and marketing for a home is great, there is several more parts to the equation of selling a home. One, which I have seen a decline of over the past 12 years has been the art of negotiation. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it pays to have an experienced agent in your court during several parts of the transaction, especially during the original offering timeframe and after inspections especially if there are a few areas of concern noted on the inspection. In the past few months (Since the beginning of 2016) I have been a part of some transactions where I feel my clients have come out ahead. In a great way. Let’s get together and come up with a strategy for your next move. Whether you are buying or selling, it is always better to have a bit more experience on your side. Give me a call. I can’t wait to help!