The easiest way for you to do this is have your favorite real estate agent look into this. If you do not have a favorite real estate agent or they do not know how to perform this, let me know. I can help get the money back that you paid in. The easiest way for me to do that is to send me and email and I can look for you, usually in a few minutes if I am free. Usually I have an answer whether you qualify within a day or two. But, if you want to look into this yourself, here is how you do it.

  1. Download SRETT application at Michigan state of treasury SRETT refund application
  2. Fill out the information in Sections (Part) 1-3 & 5
  3. Obtain the required documentation from your County (deed) and local municipality (township or city)
  4. Mail out to the address on the bottom of the SRETT refund page and wait for the check.

Part 2-5 are the tougher sections to complete. Should you have any questions on what to write in the different sections, call or e-mail my team. We are happy to help.

Side note:

I am finding about 40-50% of the people that I mention this to are eligible for the refund and since the beginning of 2016, I have aided in the refund of several past clients, neighbors and friends. So far over $15,000 has been returned to them.

That’s pretty cool.

edit: as of 2/16/16 $23,182 has been returned to my clients and new friends.