Call me ahead of time to discuss your strategy. We can discuss types of strategies, the pros and cons of doing different things to your house and the associated risk of doing nothing, if any.

Repair. Lets get together at your home and have a candid conversation about your home. Don’t worry. I do not judge! Every home is lived in! Lets talk about what may be a benefit to upgrade or repair and see if it is feasible. Although it is recommended that we do prepare a home, I realize this might not be the best fit for everybody. Let’s get together and discuss those things.

Neutralize. Parts of this are easier. It’s easy to remove pictures of your family because it is a distraction to a potential buyer. It is easy to talk about changing the color of your walls to a neutral color. But, is it achievable? I do have a few Handymen in the mix that can help you optimize the sale of your home. I think we can understand that this could be a benefit but I realize there is more to it. Can it be achieved? Let’s talk about that as well.

Stage. On the high end, we can get professional stagers into you property to discuss a full optimization of your property. Subtle changes can increase and open the mind of a potential buyer and have grand outcomes. On a lower end, I can take what I have learned in the 12 years of selling properties to incorporate some things that can help you achieve some great benefits also. Lets discuss what meets your strategy.

Call me: 616-437-1011 There is no harm in having me look at your home ahead of time and discuss strategy.